Tunnels Waterproofing

Protection of underground structures from ingress of water is of great technical and economic importance. The requirements for tunnel waterproofing include safe operation and durability. Nowadays, waterproofing of underground traffic structures is routinely required by specialists.

Tunnel waerproofing – A typical cross-section:

Tunnel waterproofing

Tunnel Lining

Lining and draining tunnels by mean of membranes is required for maintaining the safety and quality of tunnel usage.

The technology employed involves using special scaffolding, attachment accessories, as well as various types of special membranes, such as PVC liners, drainage mats and drainage pipes.
The lining technology offered by Admir has been implemented in a large number of projects, integrating smoothly with overall project implementation.

Other Applications

  • Drainage of underground structure

    Draining underground structures is an integral part of the lining systems.