Retaining structures and steep slopes by soil reinforcement

Reinforced soil systems provide cost-effective solutions for retaining soil structures, steep slopes and slope stabilization. High strength geogrids and/or woven geotextiles provide geotechnical stability to the structure by adding a tensile member to the soil, and form a composite with the compacted soil layers.


  • Cost savings by controlled use of local fill materials
  • Steep embankment slopes reduce fill and land area footprint

  • Improved global stability and increased safety

  • Option of building retaining walls and embankments on soft soils

  • Flexibility in selecting various facing elements such as gabions, modular concrete units, green facings etc

  • Low sensibility to settlements

Other Applications

  • Green slopes by tough cells Neoloy and soil reinforcement

    Horizontal use of Neoloy® geocells placed on top of each other in an embankment structure, allows a rapid and effective establishment of steep slopes.