Green slopes by tough cells Neoloy and soil reinforcement

Horizontal use of Tough cells Neoloy placed on top of each other in an embankment structure, allows a rapid and effective establishment of steep slopes.
The external strip of the Neoloy is filled with sand or vegetation soil thus allowing the integration of vegetation and blending into the local landscape. It also enables better drainage or irrigation. Each cell functions as a planter in itself, ensuring the preservation of the beds and a healthier growth of vegetation.


The tough cells Neoloy provide a durable and long-term solution, also under serious surface run-off conditions. The apertures in the cell walls allow for drainage and prevent the built up of hydraulic pressures.
By filling the tough cells Neoloy with locally available soil, there is no need for transport of quality fills or other materials making this an economic erosion control solution.
The tough cells Neoloy provide an ecological solution by using local soils, preserving water and creating good conditions for vegetation growth.

Green slopes by tough cells Neoloy

Other Applications

  • Retaining structures and steep slopes by soil reinforcement

    Reinforced soil systems provide cost-effective solutions for retaining soil structures, steep slopes and slope stabilization.