Prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs) for accelerated consolidation of soft soils

Very slow consolidation of saturated soft clay or organic soil is a process which often requires up to 20-25 years. Consolidation can be accelerated by installing vertical drains to a depth of up to 35 meters, shortening its settlement rate from several years to several months. This process also improves the mechanical properties of the soil, such as shear resistance and bearing capacity.
This advanced technology, employing geosynthetic vertical drains, improves vertical water transport, thus permitting immediate use of the soil while preventing damage caused by differential settlement over the years. The solution of PVDs is economically preferable compared with other accelerated soil improvement alternatives such as vibro compaction and others.


  • Prevention of damages to embankments, roads and engineering structures as a result of small post-construction settlements.
  • Significant economic advantages in comparison to other alternatives such as preloading (time consuming), piled embankments, vibro compaction, stone columns etc.
  • Low construction times, fast economic use of structure.
Prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs) for accelerated consolidation of soft soils

Other Applications

  • Bridging over sinkholes

    Super fibers serve to bridge sinkholes, stabilize big embankments on compactable soils and minimize soil movement and settlement under high-speed railroad tracks, utilizing their considerable strength and low stress.