Coastal cliffs and shores protection using Geotube

Development activities in the vicinity of the shoreline, alongside erosion, marine storms and high waves, may lead to destructive effects on buildings, installations and beaches in close vicinity, even causing their collapse.

Admir employs geotube (Geotube) technology to protect sites at the shoreline and near the water, by erecting a barrier built of geotextile containers (Geotube). The geotubes separate the sand accumulated within them from the water which is filtered out.

Admir designs the placement of geotubes so as to avoid harming facilities on the shore line, by placing them one after another, creating a wall near the location to be protected. The geotube (Geotube), made of woven geotextile sheets, facilitates employing the excellent hydraulic and mechanical attributes of the sheets to cope with complex challenges posed by marine work, such as erosion, mechanical resistance and resistance to UV radiation.

Installation of Geotube is performed by pumping the water/sand mixture into the sewn container.
The geotextile sheet acts as a filter separating the water flowing through it from the soil/sand particles which remain within it.

Geotube enables several applications in marine work:

  • Protecting the cliff along the shore from erosion from wave and wind damage
  • Constructing breakwaters

  • Constructing artificial islands

  • In environmental engineering the Geotubes also used for sludge dewatering.

Other Applications

  • Slopes stabilization and erosion control – Tough Cells Neoloy

    Geocell Cellular Confinement System (Neoloy), employing cells of varying size, texture and height, arrests erosion by confining soil in relatively small cells.


  • Riverbanks and canals protection – Gabions

    Controlling water flow in streams, channels and similar locations is essential for protecting infrastructure and the environment.


  • Rockfall Netting Protection

    Rockfall protection systems are a key element in the design and maintenance of infrastructure networks with a direct impact on safety.