Floating covers

Floating covers are installed in reservoirs of potable water, waste water and other liquids.
Admir supplies and installs floating covers of reinforced polypropylene (RPP) membranes and/or HDPE membranes.

The system consists of floats, weights and a system for drainage and pumping rainwater.


  • Preventing contamination of drinking water
  • Preventing evaporation

  • Preventing algae growth in the water

  • Avoiding the need for chemical treatment

  • Savings in operating and cleaning costs

  • Preventing odors and environmental contamination (in waste water reservoirs)

Other Applications

  • Water reservoirs lining

    Lining of reservoirs with synthetic geomembranes separates the liquid mass from the soil.


  • Waste disposal sites lining, capping and restoration

    Preparation and reclamation of a site as a waste disposal site requires the provision of solutions for ecological problems which may arise as a result of garbage burial.


  • Secondary Lining for Oil Storage Tanks

    Use of durable and highly flexible HDPE lining membranes permits compliance with the strictest environmental quality standards