I'billin Landfill rehabilitation

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I'billin Landfill rehabilitation – lining, drainage and capping

שיקום מטמנת אעבלין
שיקום מטמנת אעבלין
שיקום מטמנת אעבלין

The I'billin site has been operating in northern Israel for many years and it is utilized for the burial of mixed waste. Within the framework of the site’s management, it is required by the various authorities to rehabilitate and cover the landfill cells which have reached their maximum burial capacity. In order to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection regarding: rainwater drainage, slopes stabilization, drainage and collection of Methane gas, a comprehensive program for the site’s rehabilitation has been devised, including the utilization of a variety of advanced Geotechnical products.

The waste site’s rehabilitation program included a five-tired covering of the landfill using diverse Geotechnical products:
  1. A 700 g/m2 geotextile – deployment of the Geotechnical fabric between the infrastructure and the other Geomembranes to protect the lining system from mechanical damage.
  2. Enkadrain drainage mats – for draining methane gas and collecting the gas into drainage wells.
  3. H.D.P.E Geomembranes for lining the landfill and preventing fluids seepage.
  4. Enkadrain drainage mats - deployment of an additional layer of drainage mats to filter rainwater in the plane between the Geomembranes and the filling materials.
  5. Fortrac 110 reinforcement Geogrids – the reinforcement Geogrids are utilized to prevent sliding of the covering soil.

Upon completion of the deployment of the geotechnical products, the site was covered with local clay in order to encourage vegetation growth and optimal integration with the environment.