Solutions inEnvironmental dredging and sludge treatment

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About Admir Environment

Admir Environment is engaged in providing ecological solutions within diverse fields:

Environmental dredging using a DREDGER

Pumping sediments from reservoirs and streams’ beds without disturbing the hydraulic flow and without the need to empty the water reservoir.

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Sludge dewatering by means of Geotube®

Reservoirs and storage ponds cleaning.
Streams, lakes and other waterways cleaning and rehabilitation.

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Industrial and oil tanks cleaning

Explosion-Protected Hydraulic dozer – For works in Tanks Containing Gas

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Sludge dewatering at Municipal WWTP

An effective solutions for dewatering sludge, from design to implementation, including constructing the facilities in the sewage treatment plants.

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Rivers clean up, treatment of sedimentation

Combining the technologies of pumping sediments by a dredge followed by dewatering with geotubes, provides an inexpensive and rapid solution for treatment of sludge in streams, lakes and reservoirs.

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Admir Environment applies diverse technologies including, among others:

  • Geotube® - Geotechnical tubes for sludge dewatering.
  • Environmental Dredging – for cleaning the bottom bed levels of reservoirs and streams.
  • Hydraulic Dozer (Hydrodozer) – for cleaning sludge from industrial fuel tanks and containers.

The engineering knowledge and experience in introducing engineering-environmental technology, allow Admir Environment to propose solutions in a wide range of applications, while strictly adhering to cost-benefit.

The Company’s advantage lies in its vast updated knowledge within the field, which allows the adjustment of technologies to the unique needs and requirements of each client in every project.

The Company’s expertise is unique and combined with the vast experience it has accumulated over the years; Admir Environment is able to contend with the future challenges of the environmental quality field. The Company has extensive contacts within the relevant fields throughout the world, including cooperation with a sister company – Admir Eurasia which operates within the field of sludge treatment in Russia.